Have you given Google Ads a go? Dabbled in Facebook? Done a bit (or a tonne) of blogging, e-mailed your list of contacts… but still you’re not seeing an uptake in leads? To make it worse, all these digital marketing services are costing you time and money!

Each of these digital channels are great ways of reaching out to a potential target audience. However, without a coherent strategy in place you may feel like your business is getting lost in a sea of tech-savvy sharks.

The purpose of digital marketing is really the same as any sort of marketing. First you identify your target audience, then you reach out to them and this hopefully gets you leads. Finally, these leads turn into conversions and revenue for your business.

Digital marketing channels differ from traditional forms of marketing in that you can quickly gain valuable data about your audience. This includes what they like or dislike about your marketing campaigns. You can then use this information to streamline the ways in which you reach out to them. Consequently, you can offer more targeted marketing which should generate more leads and offer you more conversions at a lower cost.


Marketing the SMART way

I’ve been working in digital marketing for many years, delivering results to everyone from fine wine merchants to accountancy firms. But the starting point is always the same. To help you deliver the most successful digital marketing campaigns I need to know all about your business, who it’s aimed at and what your goals are. The more defined these are the more I can target your digital marketing campaigns to the right people. As a result, this leads to higher conversions and a great return on your investment.

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marketing by email

Email Marketing

Does your business have a mailing list that you don’t know how to utilise? Or perhaps you want to grow your mailing list, but don’t know how? I have a huge amount of experience not just in designing and building emails from the ground up, but delivering email marketing strategies that nurture customers, grow your web traffic and increase sales. Email marketing is constantly voted as the best marketing channel in terms of revenue generation – if you’re not doing it, then you probably should be!

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Content Creation

Having a good content strategy is now an integral part of delivering good SEO for your website. Google’s evolving algorithms, now focus heavily on fresh and unique content that is relevant to the user. I use analytical techniques to identify gaps in the content you offer and use this data to help me produce optimised content that both your target audience and search engines will love. I’ll post your content in the right place at the right time and on the right platforms to get more of the right traffic to your door.

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Social Media Management

Don’t let your social media channels become a box-ticking exercise. Each platform appeals to a specific audience in a particular way, and what you publish needs to reflect this. I can help you maintain your business presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. This includes: competitive analysis, competition creation and outreach to show off the best side of your business.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

One way of ensuring you get on the first page of Google is by using Google Ads. It’s not always the appropriate solution for every business, but in the right hands you can generate masses of new leads and conversions in a cost effective way. I offer account set-up and management services for Google Ads. I can set up your campaigns and teach you how to manage them yourself or take on the management side for you. I’ll assess your competitors, create your campaign structure and keywords and optimise your landing pages to ensure you’re getting the most out of your ads.

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