Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is at the heart of digital marketing. A well constructed website provides a great foundation to employ SEO services and techniques. The aim of these are  to get you to the top of the search engine rankings for your chosen keywords. As a result, a well SEOed site makes all your other digital marketing campaigns that much more effective.

What is good SEO?

A good SEO strategy is all about setting up your business for long term success. You may have come across companies that offer you “guaranteed” first page rankings for a fixed price. But beware! These results are often only obtainable because they will be using what is known as “black hat SEO.” These are techniques that violate search engine guidelines. While they may give your site a short term boost, ultimately they incur heavy penalties and can lead to your site getting blacklisted from appearing anywhere!

I only employ white hat SEO. This means developing a strategy to offer your website long term growth and success in the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs). It’s not going to happen instantly. But you will see month-on-month growth in your web traffic that is both steady and sustainable.

Annie did a fantastic job of auditing and fixing technical issues and optimising the RSPCA online shop for search. She was thorough, professional and transparent throughout. We saw consistent growth in our organic traffic following her work.

Mike Stainthorpe, Retail Operations Manager

Why choose me to do your SEO?

Over the years I have delivered hugely successful SEO campaigns for a wide variety of professional service industries. These include: the tech sector, finance and accountancies, health and beauty firms, fashion and jewellery ecommerce businesses and a wide variety of other bespoke online retailers.

My SEO services have been used on websites built by myself or others. These sites have been built across a wide range of CMS and ecommerce platforms including: WordPress, Drupal, Magento and X-Cart. 

It is important that I am always totally transparent with my clients about the nature of the work I do. Therefore, I present all my findings and results in easy to understand reports so that you always know just where your money is going.

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SEO ultimately aims to increase web traffic and attract a better quality of user to your website, leading to higher engagement with your offering and more conversions. There is no silver-bullet to achieve this, it’s going to take time and a number of integrated techniques to get there. Not every website will require or respond in the same way to some of these techniques -it’s not a one-size fits all approach – which is why I offer a bespoke SEO strategy tailored made for your business.

Here is an overview of techniques I offer as part of an SEO strategy:



This is generally the starting point for every new client. It’s a look under the hood at how Google is crawling your website and if there’s any technical changes that can be done on-site to improve this.


An in-depth analysis of keywords you are currently ranking for and competitive analysis to establish what keywords are best to target. This list will grow with your success beacuse niche or “longtail” keyword targeting can often pay dividends to achieving early results. A a result, this makes it easier to then target more competitive keywords.


An essential part of not just SEO, but digital marketing in general. Since Google updated its algorithms there is now a heavy emphasis on unique, relevant and updated content. That means really focusing on what your target audience wants to read and structuring it in an SEO-friendly way.


 Link-building strategies will always trump buying links and other black-hat forms of link building. It’s therefore essential that these use quality content and genuine personalised outreach.


Do you have a separate campaign or project that is still part of your business, but perhaps warrants it’s own identity? Microsites can be used to target a particular niche within your audience. This can attract attention and traffic that will ultimately benefit your main site as well.

I’d love to hear about your business….

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