Are you a start-up business looking to set-up a professional new website?

Setting up a new business is an exciting and stressful proposition in equal measure. The one thing most start-ups have in common is that they need a professional website to represent themselves and it needs to look great, but cost as little as possible. You may just be testing an idea at this stage and cash flow is probably a big concern too. That’s why Website in a Week is an ideal package to get you up and running online. It is aimed specifically for start-ups who want a quality website at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.

As a start-up you already know the importance in establishing a digital presence to create brand awareness and help draw potential customers in. You’re also undoubtedly busy juggling a laundry list of requirements whilst getting your new business up and running. That’s why “launching a website” often becomes a box-ticking exercise that can feel more like a headache than an exciting marketing opportunity to tell the world how great you are!

It’s in these moments that start-ups often turn to the path of least resistance, such as using a website-building programme like Wix that promises an easy drag and drop interface for you to build your own site – and all for a seemingly reasonable monthly subscription. After all, you need to get something up quickly to show to your prospective audience. The problem is you’re not really a website designer and you don’t know the first thing about it. Sure, you can write a few words about what your business does, throw in a couple of images and add your contact details. But is that really enough? Are people going to be convinced enough by your website that they will pick up the phone or send you an email?

So what's the best way to approach building a website for
Your Business?
Think about your business goals and how your website ties into that. What is it you’re trying to achieve from your site? Direct sales of a product or service? Leads via email or phone?
target audience
Target audience
Who is it that you are trying to appeal to with your business? Don’t say everybody! Try to be as specific as possible. This will help to inform your brand identity and site design.
getting found on google
Getting found
How are people going to know about your website? Part of appearing in search engines like Google is down to how search engine friendly the architecture of your website is.
Future proofing
How easy will it be to scale your website up with your business - i.e. add more functionality to your site as your business grows? Will it mean starting from scratch?

Website in a Week
Designed & built for your business

You’ll get all this for just £500:

  • A discovery call – let’s talk about your business, its goals and target audience. From there we can establish what the look, feel and functionality of your website actually needs to incorporate.
  • A selection of WordPress templates for you to choose from based on these requirements.
  • A website of up to 5 pages for a flat fee of £500. No hidden costs. No monthly subscription tying you in.
  • SEO friendly architecture, helping you to get found on Google without bloated code to slow down your site.
  • A scalable website design that can grow with your business. It’s easy to migrate or build upon WordPress – the most popular content management system in the world!
example of website in a weekend package

Any More Questions?

Do I need to purchase my own web hosting?
Every website requires hosting in order for it to be visible on the world wide web. Think of it like paying monthly or annual rent for a parking space. The car is your wesbsite, which you own, and the space is provided by the web hosting company. Annie Hall Ltd now offers a range of premium web hosting packages that are all fast and secure. By purchasing one of these packages, we will handle the install and maintenance for you. Of course, you are free to source your own web hosting and enter into an agreement with a third party if you wish.
£500 is still a lot of money though…
Yes, it is, there’s no getting away from that. But what value do you put on your own time? Handing your web design over to a professional means that the project will be handled quickly and efficiently. Plus, with site builders like Wix you’re often going to have to pay additional costs for extra bits of functionality. When added to their monthly fees, this can actually make it a more expensive proposition.
Will you actually build my website in a week?
Absolutely. Once you have committed to the package and paid a deposit, you will be asked to supply all the content you want to feature on the website. From that moment the clock starts ticking….

Don’t let your new website become a headache for you. Leave it in expert hands and have a professional WordPress solution that will get you the results you’re looking for. No monthly fee, no fuss, just a quality solution that can grow with your business.

Do You Want To Talk About It?

Let’s have  a chat about your business and what your goals are and see if Website in a Week is the right fit for you. If you are after a more bespoke solution for your website then I’m happy to accommodate those too!

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